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Social Media Marketing Training Courses

Social Media Marketing Training Courses

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A FETAC Registered Provider
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Social Media Marketing Training Course

Classroom Course Schedule for 2010
Course Duration: 2 days      Course Times: 9am-5pm       Course Cost: €895

21st-22nd Jun

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Description: This two-day Social Media Marketing course will begin with an overview of Online Marketing and move through to the techniques that work best for you and your organisation to bring traffic to your website and build longterm relationships with people using your various online presences.  
It covers techniques for your own website such as copy writing, search engine optimisation, blogging and link building and offsite activities such as search marketing (Google Adwords), usage of discussion forums, engaging with bloggers, using social networks like Facebook, Bebo and LinkedIn, usage of video as a marketing tool and using Twitter for marketing and relationship building. The course will also concentrate on defining objectives when marketing online and showing what can and cannot be measured.   
Audience: This course is suitable for all levels of staff with a basic understanding of the World Wide Web. This course is non-technical but some parts will use websites and the web. It is especially beneficial for those individuals who have responsibility for PR, Marketing, sales, communications and customer interaction in an organisation. 
Duration: Two Days 

Trainer Profile

Damien Mulley:

Damien Mulley owns Cork based Mulley Communications and teaches organisations and enterprises how to communicate amongst themselves and with the greater world. He is also the organiser of the Irish Blog Awards and Irish Web Awards, wrote a technology column for the Sunday Tribune from Jan 07 to Jan 08 and is the former chairman of broadband lobby group I

Day 1, Morning Objectives: 
What's happening online now and in 3 months time 
Understand the current trends on the World Wide Web and the way people use it for business and for fun. Discover why search engines and knowing how they work is now as important as having a good sales philosophy. Realise that getting ranked in the top ten in Google for what your company does is important but getting yourself in the first four results is where the gold is. Learn that once someone is on your website you have seconds to make them comfortable and engage with them before they'll leave and why a good design is vital to get them to stay around and to come back. See how when you enable people to share your content elsewhere, it spreads your message far and wide via a trusted network. 
Day 1, Afternoon Objectives: 
Blogging, AdWords and Video: 
We'll look at blogs and why they can build an audience for your website, drastically increase your rankings on Google and how they can allow you to build rapport with existing and potential new customers and allow you to have a direct conversation with the world. We'll look at online advertising and in particular at Google and their AdWords advertising system and how it can help bring you traffic from people seeking out exactly what you can provide. (Filtered leads) We'll end day one looking at the potential of video and using it to reach new audiences. 
Day 2, Morning Objectives: 
A morning of Social Networks   
Introduction to Social Networks and how social networking marketing works on them compared to websites and other forms of online marketing. Practical examples on how to use Bebo and LinkedIn for business. In-depth workshop on using Facebook for business covering: Facebook Pages, Facebook Applications, Facebook Events and the very poweful Facebook Advertising System. 

What is Twitter, how can a business use it effectively. Using Twitter, not to sell your services but to use it to become a valuable member of the Twitter community so the community markets you.  
Day 2, Afternoon Objectives: 
Planning, feedback and running 

Putting an online marketing plan together. What tools to use to plan before the plan is run, what to measure, before and during the marketing project. We'll break into groups and plan our own online marketing projects using what we have learned in the course and our own experiences. We'll go through a checklist on what tools we can use and what they'll show us.

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