Module 1

BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies Module 1

Observing, Documenting and researching with Children, Families and Practitioners

Training aim

  • To introduce the skills and knowledge required for independent academic research, which include but are not limited to review, analysis, argument and self-expression in a chosen field of study and which will be put into practice
  • To develop the skills needed to enable students to critically observe, document and research children, families and practice in order to facilitate the fostering of a critical and questioning approach to working with young children and their families
  • To develop a theoretical and practical understanding of working with and for young children in a variety of early years settings

Main topics of study

Developing Research Skills and Knowledge

  • To introduce and develop the personal skills and ethical qualities required when managing a research project
  • To discuss issues of methodology, method, ethics and the uses of their research
  • Guidelines for the keeping of a Reflective Journal
  • Sharing of experiences and journal reflections related to theoretical perspectives

Developing Understanding of how research is used in practice

  • Models for practice and research
  • The role of research, and action research, in the professional lives of Early Years Practitioners
  • Professional observation of children
  • To understand the important influence of parents and carers, engaging them effectively to support their child’s well being, learning and development within an anti-bias curriculum

Developing Understanding of Early Childhood Research

  • Recent influential documentation related to working with children in the early years
  • Revisiting theoretical perspectives related to child development
  • Revisiting theoretical perspectives related to play
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