QQI Level 6 Domestic Heat Pump Systems Installer Course

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QQI level 6 Domestic Heat Pump Systems Installer Course


The purpose of the QQI Level 6 Domestic Heat Pump Systems Installer course is to equip you with the knowledge, skill and competence to design, install and commission domestic heat pump systems in a safe and competent manner and in accordance with appropriate legislation, regulations and standards.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the use of Heat Pump Technology as a sustainable energy solution and its contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases
  • Outline the use of safe work practices concerning the installation of domestic heat pump systems
  • Appraise the relationship between low temperature floor heating systems, wall heating systems and thermal comfort, including controlled building ventilation
  • Appraise the national regulations in respect of heat pump sources
  • Assess the physical principles and thermodynamic cycle concerning heat pumps, including the components within a heat pump and their function
  • Formulate the coefficient of performance (COP) and seasonal performance factor (SPF) of a domestic heat pump system
  • Provide advise to potential customers on the ecological and economic issues relating to domestic heat pump technologies
  • Apply relevant scientific and mathematical concepts to the specification and design of an efficient domestic heat pump installation with regard to the site, collector heat source, boiler and heat distribution system
  • Install a domestic heat pump installation to include planning of system and with due regard for safety and compliance with standards and national building regulations
  • Take overall responsibility for the co-ordination of all aspects of the domestic heat pump installation
  • Manage the commissioning of a domestic heat pump system, including balancing the mass flow within the heat source and the heat sink and complete the hand over of the completed system to the client


  • Examination – Theory: 70%
  • Examination – Practical: 30%


Please note Chevron Training are not currently validated for this programme with QQI. Should sufficient interest be forthcoming, Chevron Training will submit a validation application for this programme.

Would you be interested in our QQI Level 6 Domestic Heat Pump Systems Installer Course (6N5646), let us know by filling out the form below and we will be in touch with more details!


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