QQI Level 5 Nutrition Course

The QQI Level 5 Nutrition course is designed to provide the learner with knowledge of the composition of food and an understanding of how food affects an individual’s personal well-being.

General Aims

Learners who successfully complete this module will:

  • Be familiar with the composition of food
  • Evaluate the nutritional content of food
  • Understand the relationship between health and nutrition
  • Interpret current dietary information and recommendationslevel 5 Nutrition course
  • Examine eating habits
  • Be familiar with the nutritional needs of different groups of people
  • Acquire a range of practical techniques.

Course Units

The specific learning outcomes are grouped into 4 units:

  • Composition of Food
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Nutrition and Exercise
  • Food Labelling


The internal assessor will devise a theory-based examination that assesses candidates’ ability to recall and apply theory and understanding, requiring responses to a range of question types, short answer and structured. These questions may be answered in different media such as in writing or orally.

The examination will be based on a range of specific learning outcomes and will be 2 hours in duration.

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