Information on Obtaining Funding for Job Seekers

Job seekers wishing to participate on Chevron Training’s extensive range of training courses may be eligible to avail of Department of Social Welfare funding to facilitate their entry to a particular training programme. The allocation of funding for participation in a Chevron Training delivered course, will be solely at the discretion of Social Welfare job facilitator and will be dependent upon the availability of funding at the time of application and the applicant’s ability to satisfy the eligibility criteria. In order to make an application for funding for your desired course from Department of Social Welfare the following steps need to be completed:

  •  Arrange an appointment with a job facilitator in your local Department of Social Welfare office to check your eligibility for funding
  • During the meeting with your Department of Social Welfare job facilitator, please inform the facilitator that completing the training course forms a key element of your back to work plan
  • If you are successful in obtaining funding, your facilitator will provide you with funding forms for us to fill out
  • Please post these forms to Chevron Training, where they will be filled out and returned to your local social welfare office
  • If you are successful in obtaining funding please contact Chevron Training to secure your place on the next available course
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