QQI Domestic Solar Photovoltaic Course

QQI Domestic Solar PV Course

QQI Level 6 Micro Solar Photovoltaic Systems Implementation (6N0306)

Date Location Duration Cost
29th January 2018 Dublin 4 Days €795


QQI Level 6 Electrical Installation and Commissioning of Micro Generators Award (6N0307)


Date Location Duration Cost
29th January 2018 (to be confirmed) Dublin 4 Days €795

Accreditation: QQI Level 6 & SEAI Listed Course

Chevron Training is Ireland’s largest renewable energy training provider and the 1st provider to be approved to deliver the new QQI level 6 Solar Photovoltaic installer training course.

Our course trainer Toddy Byrne is one of the foremost experts on Solar Photovoltaic technology in Ireland today. His company Southern Wind and Solar has supplied and installed Solar PV systems nationwide to private and commercial customers along with public sector organisations. Toddy was a also a member of the standards development committee for the development of this QQI accredited course.

Domestic Solar Photovoltaic systems can be financially attractive projects for many electricity consumers due to the systems ability to significantly reduce electricity costs, e.g. a typical domestic Solar PV system can produce 50% of the annual electricity consumption of an Irish home. Furthermore, any surplus electricity generated by the Solar PV system may be exported back to the Grid, thus creating an additional income stream for the consumer.

solar pv courseTherefore the Department of Energy sees PV systems as an essential part of Government energy policy.

In order to optimise the full benefits that can be derived from a domestic Solar PV system, it is essential that the system is installed by a competent individual. Consequently, Chevron Training, Ireland’s leading training provider, delivers Solar PV training programmes which aim to impart learners with the appropriate knowledge and skills to competently install domestic Solar PV systems. These programmes examine both the Implementation of Micro Scale Solar PV Systems and the Electrical Installation and Commissioning of Microgenerators. These courses will be accredited by QQI.

It is essential that candidates participating on the Electrical Installation and Commissioning of Microgenerators course will have obtained the appropriate qualifications related to electrical installation, knowledge of the IEE Wiring Regulations and inspection and testing.

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