H&S 150 150 Chevron College


For a long time I’ve wanted to go back and study, it’s something I have put off due to work commitments and being a full time mum. When I came across Chevron I was unsure at first I said to myself how could I study for a degree while working full time and doing the school run?

I told myself if I didn’t go back now I never would. I decided to email Chevron about the course I was interested in, to see if I was eligible and to find out about the cost of it, which I was worried about. Straight away I received a friendly email back, this was the start of my journey to finally studying at third level.  I decided that Health and Social Care was the perfect course for me as I’ve always had an interest in this sector I would eventually love to work as a social worker.

I would highly recommend Chevron to everyone, it’s a very achievable course the tutors are fantastic and always go above and beyond especially when it comes to assignments. Every two weeks we have webinars, which is a great way to connect with your peers and discuss different topics.

My advice to anyone thinking about going back to study is to do it, I promise you wont regret it.

Donna Ryan

Health & Social Care 150 150 Chevron College

Health & Social Care

“Undertaking to do the degree was a massive decision for me. I needed something that would fit in to my busy life. I wanted flexibility in my study schedule, support from my tutors and peers and something that would going to be financially possible for my family. Before I decided to do the  BSc (Hons) in Health and Social Care with Chevron Training I did a lot of research on what other course were available to me. Chevron Training was the only one who provided all the flexibility and support I needed. I am just completing my first year of the degree and I have received far more than I hoped. Not only is the content of the course extremely interesting but the support from the tutors is second to none. Particularly in the first term where Aine guided everyone through the online system and the new levels of academic writing that we were required to meet. For anyone looking to do this degree I couldn’t recommend Chevron Training highly enough”


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