Child Health & Well Being

Child Health & Well Being Course 


The purpose of the Child Health & Well Being course is to equip you with the knowledge, skill and competence relevant to the theory and practice of child development and learning within early childhood care and education settings (ECCE).

Learning Outcomes

  • Outline the requirements necessary to provide for the health and well-being of children in an ECCE setting as informed by national guidelines to include child protection
  • Describe the factors that contribute to the overall well-being of children
  • Outline the various nutritional needs of babies and young
  • Identify requirements for the promotion of healthy and safe
    indoor and outdoor environments for children
  • Describe a range of common childhood illnesses
  • Devise balanced menus for babies, toddlers and children
  • Perform appropriate personal care routines for babies and young children including the care of the child when unwell
  • Implement appropriate policies and procedures to include record keeping as required by legislation and good practice guidelines
  • Utilize a range of practice skills that support and promote the
    health and well being of children
  • Apply knowledge of child development to support children to
    form secure and positive relationships with adults and children in the ECCE setting
  • Reflect on personal practice leading to an understanding of
    healthy, hygienic and safe environments for children

Assessment Method

  • Project 40%
  • Skills Demonstration 60%
child health & well being

Total price is €295

  • or easy pay instalments available
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