How Online Courses Work

How Online Courses Work

How Online Courses Work 510 340 Chevron College

How Online Courses Work


A question that we get a lot from our learners is ‘how do online courses work?’ I hope that in this blog post, I can explain in detail, how our courses work.

When I began my QQI Level 6 in Childcare, I had never completed an online course before. I had only ever completed classroom courses. So, like many people, I had no idea what to expect. Luckily, though, completing a course online through Chevron Training is very easy to use.
Before you enrol onto our courses, you will be in contact with a Training Consultant. The training consultant will go through all of the details about the course you are interested in completing with us here at Chevron. If it turns out you are interested in completing the course, they will then very briefly go through the process of learning online. You will be told that you will gain access to a Learn Upon account where all of your course notes and course assignments will be stored.

Learn Upon is our online system used to store all of your course notes and course assignments. You can access your account through our main website When you log into Learn Upon, you will be faced with a Dashboard. This is where you can access all of your information. There will be two tabs on the front of the screen, My Courses, and My Achievements.
My Courses is where your course content is stored for you to look at. This is also where you can access your Exam Timetable, but we will talk more about that later. Each module you are enrolled on will show up here. This is where you can access your module content.
When you click into your module, there will be three more headings, Details, Content and Certs & Credits. The Detail button when you click into it, will explain to you in detail, all about your module content, and what you can expect from your module. When you click into the Content button, you will have a list with around 16 separate steps. These steps start nice and easy with a Welcome Note. They then progress into how to apply for Garda Vetting, your course notes, and your course assignments.

online coursesEach module you are enrolled on will have the exact same format of viewing your module details. It is important to note that you will need to complete each of the 16 steps in order to gain 100% completion on your module. You will also not be able to skip steps, you will need to complete each step from 1-16. Your course notes will be extremely detailed and easy to understand. All of your course notes will directly relate to your Assignment Briefs. You will also be glad to know, that you will not need to purchase any books or other course material in order to complete your course.
Speaking of Assignments, each assignment will need to be typed out on Microsoft Word, or a product like Microsoft Word. When your assignments are typed out, you just need to print them off, and post them into ourselves here at Chevron. Some modules will also have various exercises that will need to be recorded with a camera. These can be sent in via Drop-Box or on a USB to be posted in with your assignments.
Work placement is a large part of our courses, and you will be asked to carry out 20 hours work placement per module. In work placement, you will be asked to carry out various Skills Demonstrations. These skills demonstrations will need to be signed off by your work placement supervisor, your log of work placement hours and skills demonstrations will also need to be posted in with your assignments.
With any course that you have booked onto, you will have an In-House Tutor. Your tutor is there to help you in any way possible. They are available to contact by email or by phone. Your tutor details will be listed on your Learn Upon account. Your tutor here will help you throughout your course in a variety of ways.

Our tutors often hold Webinars. These Webinars are a great way to get any questions you need answered in real time. You can book into these Webinars via Learn Upon, and your place will be reserved. A Webinar is much like a Seminar you would attend in College, but it is totally online. You will receive the same amount of information, and you will never be left in the dark on anything. If you need help on an assignment, or you are just confused about anything with your course, contact your tutors, they are there to help you out in any manner they can.
Our courses are tailor made for busy people. This is why there is no set start dates to enrol on our courses, or deadlines on our assignments. If you are completing a full QQI Level 5 or 6 Major Award, you will have 16 months to complete your course. If you are completing SNA Level 5 & 6, you will have 12 months to complete your course. If you are completing Level 6 SNA, you will have 2-3 months to complete your course. If you are just completing a module, you will have 2-3 months to complete this module. As long as all of your course work and work placement is completed within the allocated amount of time, you can take as long as you wish to complete your modules.
Last, but not least, the exam timetable. When you enrol on the likes of our Childcare or Healthcare courses, there will be exams for you to attend. In order to attend these exams, all you need to do is to have a good look at your exam timetable. On this timetable there will be exam dates for Cork, Galway and Dublin. All you need to do is select a date that suits yourself, and then send a quick email to your tutor who will book you onto your course.

Hopefully now, you will feel more confident with completing your course online!

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