What does an SNA course involve?

What does an SNA course involve?

What does an SNA course involve? 150 150 Chevron College

What does an SNA course involve?

Chevon College has a set of tailored SNA programmes to suit your background and experience. If you have little or no experience as an SNA, Chevron recommends you complete the Combined SNA course consisting of 3 modules; QQI Level 5 Special Needs Assisting (5N1786) Special Needs Assisting Course | Chevron Training, QQI level 5 Children with Additional Needs (5N2396) Children With Additional Needs Course | Chevron Training & QQI Level 6 Special Needs Assisting (6N1957) Special Needs Assisting Module Online | Chevron Training. Please click on links for more information.

After you have completed enrolment, you will receive an emailing with your log in details which will allow access to the online learning platform to begin your course.

Due to the course being online based you can finish it self-paced at home. Typically, it takes learners 4-6 weeks per module, if they were to spend 10-15 hours each week studying their course. It is also a requirement to complete 20 hours of practical work placement per module under the supervision of the employer. Students will be accessed from work-based assignments, projects, skill demonstrations and learner recorders. If you require any help or assistance with your course, you can contact your tutor through email & scheduled phone calls.

What does an SNA course involve

Learners are required to complete their work experience in a Tulsa registered setting with children aged six or under with additional needs. However, for work placement the age group must be six or under. Examples of settings include – creches, primary school, ECCE setting, Breakfast club, after school, etc. They will be qualified to work with older children and in secondary school setting once they complete the course.


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