What is an SNA salary?

What is an SNA salary?

What is an SNA salary? 150 150 Chevron College

What is an SNA salary?

SNA salaries are based on experience and seniority. According to the department for Education, the starting salary for a Special Needs Assistant is €27,632 and the highest point is €44,585 (Salaries for Special Needs Assistants). In terms of private settings, this varies on employer and there is no eligibility for yearly incremental increases. You can find most vacancies here.

You most likely can expected to be paid a salary every month.

There are additional career opportunities that may appeal to you and provide some progression after gaining experience as an SNA. Some potential career paths include:

  • Special Education Teacher: SNAs have the potential to become special education teachers with further study and training. Typically, this entails earning a teaching credential with a specialisation in special education, such as a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) or Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).
  • Special Education Coordinator or Supervisor: Special Needs Assistants with leadership skills and knowledge of special education practices may progress to positions as supervisors or coordinators for special education. These jobs include managing special education programmes, assisting staff members and teachers, and working with the admin of the school and outside parties.
  • Behavioural Therapist: SNAs with a focus on intervention techniques and behaviour control may become behavioural therapists or specialists.
  • Education Consultant or Advocate: Some SNAs go on to become advocates or educational consultants, this could entail advising families on their educational alternatives, promoting inclusive policies, and helping them with the Individual Education Plan (IEP) procedure.
  • Research and Policy Development: SNAs who want to work in research or policy development might contribute to the field of special education. This could be working with advocacy groups to advance the inclusion and rights of people with special needs, conducting research studies, or contributing to the creation of educational policies.
  • Management and Administration: SNAs with experience can go on to work in management or administration positions in schools or organisations that support people with special needs. This could apply to positions like executive directors of charitable organisations, programme directors, and principals of schools.


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