Care of the Elderly

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Care of the Older Person Course Online

Course Objectives

  • Understand and demonstrate good work practices in the provision of care for older people
  • Understand the concept of the ageing process
  • Satisfy the needs of older people in a variety of care settings
  • Enhance the quality of life for the older person

Assessment Structure

Students will be assessed on both the theoretical and practical elements of the course through:

  • Project Work
  • Skills Demonstration

Course Syllabus

  • The physiological and psychological process of ageing
  • Social attitudes to ageing people
  • Impact of the ageing process on the older person
  • Promotion of positive attitudes to the ageing process
  • Identify care settings and services available for older people
  • Current provision of care settings and support services for older people
  • The role of the health care assistant when working with an older person
  • Identify physical, emotional and social needs of the older person
  • Caring for older people with specific needs
  • Effective communication with the older person
  • Promotion of advocacy, empowerment, independence, dignity and respect of the older person.
  • The role of the family/carer
  • Personal effectiveness in the workplace