Barretstown was founded in 1994 by Hollywood Legend Paul Newman, with the purpose of rebuilding the lives of those affected with childhood cancer


Barretstown18,000 children across Europe are diagnosed with cancer every year. The diagnosis of a child with cancer is a traumatic experience which causes significant upheaval and anxiety amongst the entire family unit. Barretstown can play an invaluable role in alleviating the adverse psychological affects of the illness through the provision of activities at a specially designed camp. Providing a unique programme of adventure, activities and fun is the primary focus of the camp. Activities which include arts & crafts, canoeing, archery, equestrian, music and drama are offered to participants in the camp. These activities are based upon a Therapeutic Recreation programme, whereby an activity sets a challenge for the child, which they then achieve success in and can reflect upon this success, thus allowing the child to discover something new about themselves.

Chevron Training and Barretstown can be defined by their similar values, in so far as their innovative and specialised expertise facilitate personal development and provides the foundation for their respective participants to reach their full potential. Consequently, the link between these organisations can be strengthened to ensure that they can work together to ensure that Barretstown can receive the additional financial assistance it requires to continue its provision of vital recreational supports to children with cancer and other illnesses.

As there is an obvious connection between the childcare training courses offered by Chevron Training and the Therapeutic Recreation Programme offered by Barretstown, Chevron Training will allocate a percentage of the fee received from every childcare training course booked to the Barretstown organisation.

Chevron Training’s proactive social initiatives define a successful, responsible and progressive company which contributes to the economic and social life of Ireland and of those sectors in which we deliver training. Chevron Training is proud to be associated with Barretstown and we strive to continue to support this facility’s objectives on a long term basis.


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