School Age Childcare

School Age Childcare Course 

The purpose of this award is to equip you with the knowledge, skill and competence to implement and evaluate school age childcare programmes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Outline the elements of an effective school age childcare programme
  • Explain the importance of developing programme plans that are inclusive of children and young people
  • Discuss strategies to ensure that a strong focus on play/recreation remains a core principle and a distinguishing characteristic of school age childcare settings
  • Identify aspects of provision for enrichment/homework within a multi-age setting
  • Evaluate environments, equipment and resources to suit stages of development and ages
  • Use strategies for involving all service users in the planning, implementing and evaluation of the programme
  • Evaluate a range of environments (indoor and outdoor) suitable for a school age childcare setting
  • Implement a range of activities that address the developmental, recreational, interest and creative needs of children and young people
  • Reflect on own role and responsibilities when engaging with children.

Assessment Method

  • Assignment 20%
  • Assignment 20%
  • Learner Record 60%

School Age Children Action Plan

school age childcare course

Total price is €295

  • or easy pay instalments available
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