How many modules are there in a QQI Level 5 Early Learning and care

How many modules are there in a QQI Level 5 Early Learning and care

How many modules are there in a QQI Level 5 Early Learning and care 150 150 Chevron College

There are 6 modules in total. There are 3 terms and 2 modules per term. The modules with a short description are as follows.

Module 1 – Introduction to ELC and Child Safeguarding: the purpose of this module is to provide learners with a in depth understanding of the ELC sector as it functions in Ireland. Some topics include policies and procedures, evolution of the ELC sector in Ireland, child protection laws, key frameworks and strategies and the roles and responsibilities of ELC stakeholders.

Module 2 – Holistic Care of Children in ELC: The goal of the module is to give students the information, abilities, and competence they need to support the safety, wellbeing, and health of every child in their care.  Students will think about how regulations, rules, and guidelines, among other things, promote holistic well-being of children in the ELC setting.

Module 3 – Professional Practice: This module’s objective is to provide students with the necessary information, abilities, and skills to collaborate with experienced professionals in authentic EARLY LEARNING AND CARE settings, under the guidance and supervision of a placement supervisor. Learners can observe, integrate knowledge and practice, grow and refine their skills, and engage in practice throughout professional practice.

Module 4 – Inclusive Education and Care of Children with Additional Needs in ELC: This module intends to provide an initial understanding of special education within the Irish education system, with a focus on the Early Years/Pre-school sector. It also gives them the opportunity to expand on their knowledge of inclusive practices, diversity and equality in Early Learning and Care.

Module 5 – Early Learning and Play: The objective of this module is to provide the learner with the necessary information, abilities and skills to promote inclusive, imaginative and fun inquiry-based learning. Students will be able to articulate the historical and contemporary settings of play and identify and reflect on the role of the adult in play.

Module 6 – Child Development: This module aims to give students an introduction of how children develop between the ages of 0 and 8. Students will study a variety of theories related to child development and get an understanding of fundamental ideas including developmental norms and the role that adults play in a kid’s growth. In the context of an ELC environment, the module will deepen the learners’ understanding of attachment and the value of helping kids create safe, healthy attachments. Students will gain knowledge of some of the main techniques for child observation as well as an introduction to child observation studies.

How many modules are there in a QQI Level 5 Early Learning and care


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