BSc 2 150 150 Chevron College

BSc 2

“What I have learned helped answer many of my questions about the world and ideas formed. I understand many of the views surrounding social reform, which gives me a great passion for working in my field. I cannot recommend Chevron enough. The support from our tutors and the learning outcomes are definitely helping me gain a deeper understanding of social justice. Learning to research ideas has developed my critical thinking on a deeper level; Chevron has definitely given me the skills to understand the concepts of the social world.”

BSc Student 150 150 Chevron College

BSc Student

I find the webinars and educational actions to be the most helpful. I’m not a huge fan of trying to read and understand large bodies of text. I find it easier to learn when the content is broken down, delivered over different mediums, videos, articles, blogs etc and is related it back to examples.”

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