Work Experience

Work Experience Module


The purpose of the Work Experience module is to equip you with the knowledge, skill and competence to work in a range of organisations or vocational contexts and to engage in vocationally-related tasks independently and or in a supervisory capacity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate the characteristics of the organisation or workplace, to include its status whether public, private, voluntary or other size, organisational structure, mission and values, the workplace culture and management practices
  • Assess internal and external issues, challenges and trends affecting the workplace, to include as appropriate, local, national, global, team-based and cultural issues, and a personal response to the issues or challenges identified
  • Research the specific legislation and regulations relevant to the place of work and vocational context; including rights and responsibilities in relation to health, safety and welfare at work, equality, employment and specific work and or vocational practices
  • Evaluate the organisations internal and external policies and procedures ensuring appropriateness to current legislation and regulations
  • Execute a range of vocationally specific tasks and activities during a minimum 2 month work practice placement
  • Apply effective communication skills in communicating with colleagues, staff and external individuals or groups as required working autonomously or in a supervisory capacity
  • Allocate resources to analyse and solve routine and non-routine problems arising in the workplace
  • Show judgement and initiative while working autonomously and or in a supervisory capacity, taking responsibility for own work and the work of others and allocating resources as required
  • Contribute positively to the achievement of objectives and or targets in the workplace working autonomously and or with responsibility for the work of others
  • Execute work practice duties and responsibilities in a professional manner ensuring respect and safety of colleagues and staff
  • Reflect on personal and professional work practices, to include feedback from senior staff or mentors and colleagues or team workers on individual performance, achievements, strengths and challenges
  • Review at own learning and progress and that of others within the workplace or team, to include identification of personal and professional skills, abilities and strengths, areas for development and opportunities for learning and career development within the vocational field

Assessment Method

  • Portfolio/Collection of Work 40%
  • Learner Record 60%
work experience module

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