Social Studies

Social Studies Module


The objective of the Level 5 Social Studies module is to guide you to become familiar with sociological concepts and develop an understanding of the major economic, cultural and social structures that make up our society and their effects. You will also develop an understanding of your position as an individual, a family member and as part of a community, recognise how economic, political, cultural and social structures are related and interdependent, and understand the impact of discrimination on individuals and groups in society. During this module you will examine critically contemporary social issues, acquire basic research skills and increase your effectiveness in life and work through understanding social issues.

Assessment Structure

  • Examination (Theory-Based) 50%
  • Project 50%

Entry Requirements

National Vocational Certificate Level 4 OR Leaving Certificate or equivalent qualifications and/or relevant life and work experiences

Course Syllabus

  • Process of socialisation
  • Agencies of socialisation
  • Social stratification and inequality in society
  • Discrimination
  • Cultural family groupings
  • Changes in the family unit
  • Research skills and techniques
  • Factors affecting health and well-being
  • Structure of the Irish health Service
  • Health service entitlements and access in Ireland
  • Role of the healthcare worker
  • Working in the community
social studies module

Total price of our Social Studies Module is €295

  • or easy pay instalments available
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