Children, Culture & Globalisation

Children, Culture & Globalisation Course

Training aim

  • To provide a broad and critical historical review of the development of the different concepts and interpretation of globalisation
  • To introduce and develop awareness of concepts, terms, definitions and debates regarding culture and identity
  • To encourage a critical and questioning approach to the influences of global trends on child development and child rearing practices
  • To enable students to critically evaluate the implications of these influences for early years professionals and practitioners

Main topics of study

  • The history and development relating to concepts of globalisation including the impact of the media
  • The critique of ideas and explanations of cultural identity and self-identity
  • The critique of value and belief systems driving early childhood practices including play and learning
  • The influence of different images and concepts of children and early childhood i.e. family, community, early years practitioners
  • The diverse theoretical perspectives that influence curriculum approaches in early childhood
  • The interconnectedness of relationships among children, families and early childhood practitioners
  • The development of pedagogical and leadership skills in a global society
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